i want to get rid of it!help!

@rsp9098 (755)
January 15, 2007 10:01pm CST
i have acrophobia[fear of height].i hav been suffering from it for nearly 6 years!i want to get rid of it!feel uncomfortable even in 3rd floor!plz help!how can i get rid of it!even if i get a job abroad i can't go as i fear going in flight!
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
24 Oct 10
Practise Meditation which will balance our mind and helps to be normal at situations
@riyasam (16578)
• India
16 Jan 07
its all in the mind.you might go in for psychiatric counselling.
@mcarps79 (1262)
• Uganda
16 Jan 07
i think u need to do meditation than ur fobia will go off...its useless fear... or u can just try by sitting in zulas comes in melas...its not a gr8 problem.
• United States
16 Jan 07
You should go to like a theme park or something and go on the biggest rollercoaster there is and have someone you're super good friends with go with you and FORCE YOU to go on it and stay on it so you can't chicken out. Then any time you feel scared of heights you can think about that one time that friend of yours made you go on that rollercoaster at that theme park. You can think to yourself "Wow, that was very brave of me," and then think about how this isn't nearly as bad as that. Or they can take you cliff diving. Just an idea.