Guitar (Lesson)

United States
January 15, 2007 10:14pm CST
hey evry1, i know there's a lot of guitarist out there like me(beginner). but for quite sumtyms now, i've been trying to learn new stuff and skills to expand my knowledge in playing,, for u ol out there, what's the best way to begin:?? what dicipline shud you take,?? i know lot of people out there needs to be thought by other too.. thanx!!
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@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
16 Jan 07
I'm trying not to start an encyclopedia here. The best and most trustworthy teacher is the guitar itself. That's not mouthwash, it's 44 years of experience. The instrument can tell you, clearly, what's happening with every note, every chord, every strum. You do know when what you're playing sounds "off". You can hear new possibilities from whatever you play. That's the essence of any musical instrument, and the most consistently reliable way of learning to play. Suggestions: 1. Scales. Make sure you can find the notes, and understand the keys. 2. Watch how the chords are made and positioned on the neck. There's a lot of logic and symmetry on the guitar, and if you understand one thing, the others will explain themselves, like box chords, minors, and lead techniques. 3. Listen! Guitars, particularly new ones, tend to detune regularly, until they're "played in". I have one which is nearly always in tune, because I've had it so long. (Don't tune the strings too high, because it damages the neck, warps it.)Also good practice for beginners, because you really have to be able to recognize bum notes. 4. Play things you enjoy playing, at least some of the time. It helps you gain some confidence and fluency. 5. Don't stick to strumming. It's OK as a learning method, but you do need to pick the guitar to get the range of sounds. Also note that some of the strums don't sound very melodic, more like washboards. 6. Score a few different types of plectrums, but also try with your fingers. The guitar responds differently to each, and to play, you need to know what gets the sound you want. Classical guitars are great for fingering practice. 7. "Discipline" in music is what works. Whatever type of music you want to play, the teaching methods are a bit different. (Jazz and rock, for example, are miles apart as techniques.) Learning is ultimately done by time on the instrument, and getting the brain in gear so you can play by reflex. Most important: The guitar is a lot of fun. It can teach you a lot about music, and what music can do.
@dravid (1050)
• India
16 Jan 07
man i dont know much about playing guitar..but if ind learning to play guitar is great it really looks good...