What Do You Think If Your Boss Always Use The Phrase "By Hook or By Crook"?

January 15, 2007 10:51pm CST
My boss like to use this phrase everytime he want something to meet hi satisfaction and it makes me lost respect to him day after day. I think he treat us like a slave instead of as an employee. How about you all? Anyone have the same experience as mine?
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• Malaysia
4 Apr 07
huhuhuh ! this kind of people is not suitable to be called as bos. we have to call them sir ('tuan'). as we have to follow all that he says. for me, i don't like to work with this kind of people. make them the same level as me or as my superior. it makes me want to puch them is their face ! currently, i'm working with somebody to gain knowledge and exp. latter i'll quit n do my own business, be my own bos and be a good bos to my employee. by that time.. u can come work with me if u like ;) ! salams !
• Malaysia
9 Apr 07
Thanks for your response and don't forget to contact me if you have set your own business..
• Malaysia
22 Jan 07
Yeah I once worked under a lady boss in the accounting department. She was kind of a perfectionist and always come to work with style on the go. What I mean is she always puts on nail colour and I wonder when did she have the time to wash off that and go to pray. She only has two asistants, that's me and another staff. She will load us with stacks of high piled files and expect us to complete all the transactions in a day. By hook or by crook, finish it by today or else... (*&$#!) You know what that means... lol... Anyway I quit because I can't stand her too arrogant and bossy behaviour. And I think I am more suitable working online...lol... Have a nice day.