life..wat exactly is it??

January 16, 2007 1:13am CST
hav u ever pondered in retrospect..wat hav u really achieved all these years..r u satisfied wid ur life??u wake up in d morning..rush to work..go thru a rigorous grind..only to return wid frustation as companion.u dont havtime to call ur old frnds..wen u say "hi,how r u? u wait 4 their reply?..ever said to ur kid we will do it tomoro..and forgot all abt it?ever had time to get fascinated by nature's enigmatic enjoy the butterfly's erratic flight..or gazed at d sun fading into d night..dont u think we r missing out a lot??we r simply adding years to our life in our years.give it a thought..
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• India
17 Jan 07
hi da,who said v all r busy and not finding any time to do all dese activities.our major part was only dis.until upto d age of 5,i havent seen any books.after dat goin 2 school getting lots of friends,having fun wid dem, evry one has dese sweet memories.even now v go on chatting wid frens,just hang out wid dem,some time wid parents and if time permits just have a luk at our books.ofcourse v are adding years to our lives(years filled wid full of life)
@susanth4u (192)
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16 Jan 07
there may b some people who do these things mam......,like me thinking abt friends,njoying life listening music ha ha so many.......,every one likes to do the things but the time doesnot permits as thy enter in to real life............,this is called life!!!!!!! where evrey one can c love,affection,kind and so many things..............