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@MsTickle (24962)
January 16, 2007 2:24am CST
Are you a registered organ donor? I am. I like to think I can maybe be of some use to someone at some time. My family are not particularly interested in this subject and I don't know if they've listened when I've told them my wishes. Imagine giving someone the gift of sight. Or a burn victim healing with the gift of someone's skin. How can anyone have a problem with this? It's the ultimate in recycling.
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@shoelover (896)
• Australia
16 Jan 07
In Australia we have an organ doner register so if we die our organs can be harvested to help others. My hustband and I are on the register and my children have also expressed a wish to do so when they are all old enough. It is as you have said the ultimate in recycling.
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21 Oct 07
Hi, your kids dont have to be a certian age. If they die when they are still minors all you have to do is sighn for them. I did that for my 7 year old
• United States
8 Sep 07
Here in the States there is a donor card that you sign up for. So the doctors and the hospital know you are a donor.But that is a main reason many people here won't sign up. they are scared that the doctors will just let you die so they can get the organs.I am not a donor.But if I were to change my mind, I would donate my hearing , lungs, and my left eye. My right isn't as good.
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@meljessxena (2317)
• Australia
11 Aug 07
i have registered to be a donor, which it states on my license. i have only put down my inside like kidneys and liver etc. i think great to think when i am unable to go on anymore that someone else can have the chance to a better life with my help. my family dont agree either with being a donor.
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• Indonesia
16 Jan 07
im not a registered organ donor, but i would like to be registered, just i dont know how. i live in indonesia, and well yeah things here are not organized properly yet. I would like to donor it for free, so someday later my organs could help the others. I won't allow anyone take money advantage from my organs, i'll give it sincerely to those who needs it.
@Dee351972 (743)
21 Oct 07
Yes i am. I been sighed up for 3 years. I even have the heart om my liceince so when i go they know i am a donor. My daughter was a donor. She was 7, saved 3 people.
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
25 Sep 07
I'm not a registered organ donor, but that doesn't mean I think that's wrong. I have very little interaction with the medical world so this option was never ahead of me.