How to deal with an abusive colleague?

January 16, 2007 4:36am CST
I have a colleague who is although very cooperative and friendly but likes to swear and pass verbal abuses in every sentence! We all know he doesnt mean what he is spewing out and that its just his habit but sometimes it really ticks everyone off! what course of action should be taken to make him realize this shortcoming? should it be put to him in a straight forward manner? I have really given it some thought but i am drawing a blank! i dont want to mar my friendship with him but i cant stand his constant swearing and verbal abuses even though they are passed under hostile intentions!
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• Pakistan
16 Jan 07
Well to be honest one can't contain him/her self when it comes situations that really tick one person off, perhaps that person trust you enough to share his mind with you. Yes I know that constant abuses can be a real turn off but then again its just normal with the person and to be honest about the straight forward manner, some people may accept it whilst others may feel really offended because to them its just a normal thing and that could eventually create a gap between your friendship. sometimes its better to accept the people just the way they are because no matter what you can't change them. If you feel that you can't stand it no more, get a different friend. One should be aware that gossips and rumors spread like wildfire in work places and that could taint one's reputation. So I think its better to just ignore the abusive comments the person makes and do not resort to use an abusive comment if you are agreeing to the person's point of view.
• India
16 Jan 07
u have to deal with such people in a low and positive tone u can also deal with him in the same way as he did but this will only lead to more misunderstanding between u and the colleage in order try to behave with him in a good and kindful manner and way this would only melt him and lead to chage in his / her behaviour