What will happen in the trial?

@Phemzy (97)
January 16, 2007 5:45am CST
On yesterday recap, Camila Montes de Alba run away after escaping from the prison and travel down to Miami where she can be safe from the hand of Devil - Eduador Bonfil, with this, will Camila win the trial or Eduador? Also will Clawdia testify in the trial? And now that Elena has remember what Clawdia did to her son, will she also testify in the trial? Kindly send your opinion by answering all these questions. To those who can respond this discussion: This interest is only to those who has been watching the TV Show on RSTV or on CMTV which are one of the TV station in Nigeria. Also for those people that has watch the Show before may be in Nigeria or not.
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