Men are much better in shopping then female because female waste a lot of time?

January 16, 2007 5:56am CST
Female do not find their week complete if they do not go for shopping.But the fact is female donot know how to shop,infact they waste a lot of time but shop nothing. Here is an example,choose a guy and a girl.First give list to the guy and send him to buy the stuff.He will be back in earliest possible time with all items complete.Now you send the girl to the market and give her the same list.She will take 30 times more time then the guy and will come with the items which will not be in the list you gave to her... With all apologies to women,i can see them angry at me,but truth is truth and fact is fact :P
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• Philippines
17 Jan 07
True. I guess, because we are too picky with what we want. It always have to do with "what suits our taste". Unlike guys, as long as it serves them best, then they buy it.
@Lady_Vincy (1542)
• United States
17 Jan 07
That is not true. Men don't take the time to find quality items. Women make sure that they good quality items for their money. Men need to take more time shopping. Mybe then they wouldn't have so many ripped pants and shirts. You never see a woman in those types of clothes.