whom do you think serves the earth better - human beings or animals ?

January 16, 2007 7:00am CST
as both has the right to be on the earth but who is serving it better in past both of them living life equally well but in present and in coming future as the human beings are scratching the lands of animals either they will vanish or our existence will come to an and so and in that case who do think deserves to be on the earth for its betterment ?
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@katcarneo (1442)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
animals and humans are placed on earth tolive together harmoniously--only, we humans were given the knowledge and intellect to be superior among all animals forms. i don't think there's any specific group which deserves to stay, neithr is there a group that must go. i would have to disagree when you say humans and animals have lived equally in the past. from the beginning man has always been in-charge. man used animals for domestic purposes, for food, and for many other things. it's simply because we have the knowledge to manipulate and adjust the things around us to better suit are lives, whereas the animals simply adapt to their environment. it's very true that there are many animals that are extinct or are near extinction, but people are doing everything they can in their power to prevent more occurences of this.
@moto47 (555)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 07
human decide everything in this planet they can build it up or destroy it, I think we take the full responsibility of managing the nature because we have one thing that other creature don't... it's "mind"
• Germany
16 Jan 07
Animals are serving better. They are doing nothing to harm the planet. On the other hand we humans always do things that are harmful to the planet and its environment
• Romania
16 Jan 07
I think that animals are to stupid to rule the world , so they wouldn't have any chanches to do that. People are the most smart living bies from Earth, so they deserve to rule it, as they do. Even so they are exploiting to much the resources and the animals of the Earth destroying a lot ofthings.