Is Caste a shameless system which should be abolished?

January 16, 2007 7:07am CST
India is a great nation, but it has a shameless system - caste, which is against the trend of modern civilization. If my memeory does not fail, Ghandi once said this system should be abolsihed. discuz, guys!
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• India
17 Jan 07
yes, the caste system is indeed a very bad one! but hte roots of the system were supposed to be noble in intent... it is only with the rolling of centuries that people have made the caste system despicable! in the old days when there were only very few professions, castes were made to distinguish people on the basis of their jobs. so the kings, and army belonged to the warrior caste, and the weapon makers or tool makers were the smith caste and the land tillers were the farmer caste. people could migrate from one caste to onther by simply choosing their jobs, and no caste used to be considered superior than the other... very similar to people today being differentiated into docotrs, software professionals, typists, sportsmen etc. but then it was easier in those days for the son to take up his fathers work - an established business and a guaranteed job was the advantage. also, the son would have seen and helped the father work in his profession and would end up knowing more about the family profession than any other! so it was easy for him to take up his father's profession. these people also married to girls whose fathers were in the same profession, so that thes girls would be able to better adapt to the lifestyle! again, usually people of the same professions flocked together and matches were easy to find within the same profession. over a long period of time, this led to the segregation fo society into castes as we see them today. and there beagn all the problem! where earlier a particular caste was respected for it s ability in its profession, now they were seen separate from other castes with water tight boundaries! where earlier, taking up your own family professiona nd staying in the same caste was out of choice, it slowly became a compulsion! and while earlier marriages in the caste were out of convenience, now marriages out of the caste were considered taboo! all this led to the deay of the highly efficient caste system! and discriminations began based on caste system. and everyone knows, discrimination of any sort is bad and detrimental to the society. so in not just my opinion, but everyone sane person's, caste system should be abolished. but to change the mindset of more than five thousand years takes a lot of time and effort! we need another gandhi and ambedkar to change it! but more importantly, i believe such discriminating feelings exeist all over the world and all over history! christians have long tried subduing jews! and the churches have burnt several women who belonged to a different school of thought by branding them as witches! every nation thinks they are superior than others (just like every caste thinks it is superior and deserves better treatment). think about the long animosity between china and japan! racist feelings by white skinned people against colored people are very well knows - that is no different than casteist feelings between castes! history says the germans thought themselves to be a superior raace and hitler ended up killing millions! what is this if not discrimination, exactly like upper castes not allowing lower castes to enter temples? the sunni and shiaite muslims have been fighting since i remember! and don't tell me china doesnot have any inequalities in its society on the basis of which people are not discriminated against! it just doesn't have the name of CASTE, but it is still there! it is not anly caste system, but every other inequality as well which should be abolished!
• China
17 Jan 07
u comment sparkles with wisdom. thank u.
@urbandekay (18312)
16 Jan 07
Yes, it is a disgrace. All men are born equal.