Headspin guides!!!

@wakaka (132)
January 16, 2007 7:29am CST
ok .. first i dont know who the " i cant type it " said that you gotta at least get balanced with your head for 5-10 seconds without using your hands ... cause that bullsheet ... i cant even stand for 2 second and i get respect by my headspinning skills .. thats the move i training it for 4 to 5 months anyways .. (only newbies) First you gotta get a skateboarding helmet that you think is good for headspin .. any skateboarding helmet is ok .. so dont buy expensive helmet .. if you want to try with snowcap or beanie its good but you have to feel the pain at the first time:) this is how you do it ... find a spot on your head that is comfortable .. that's the spot that you gonna be spinnning .. then open your leg as wide as you can and if you are newbie or cant spin even 5 labs of robin then lower your legs this is very very important for newbies .. otherwise ..your leg will go crazy and fall down in 2 seconds.. then twist your leg and your hip to the opposite direction that you gonna spin and when you did that swing your leg to the direction that you are spinnning .. now this is important .. if you want more speed then twist your upper body as hard as you can while swinging your leg and you will have one lab of robin already in just one tab .. if still cant do it just tab with your hand.. but dont forget to lower your leg .. now you cannot spin all the time just tapping .. you gotta do some spinning without hands .. thats called glide ... this is very easy when you master the robin if you think you got enough speed while tapping .. then tap for the last time .. but this time as hard as you can .. and let it go .. now this is very important .. when you do glide you cant have the legs same position as you had in the robin because you cant balanced with legs opened .. so what you gotta do is ..close them .. you gotta have the pose like sitting on a chair .. IMPORTANT; more you lower your legs and close them while glide .. you got more balanced and speed .. if you got tired and cant spin anymore of glides .. then just kick your legs towars the sky slowly while your legs are closed and you will get direct they call it drill .. this is the easiest thing ever if you get glide so dont need to say anything about this the most important message .. practice and practice and practice .. this is all u need after reading this .. some people say that they got headspin in just two weeks or something so it looks easy .. but thats all bullsheet .. there is no such hard move as headspin in my opinion .. practice everyday everywhere.. this is all .. people know who you are ..practice makes perfect!!! peace and good luck!!!!!!!
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