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January 16, 2007 7:53am CST
A chinese in Europe withou't good english , One day he walked on the street ,then he want to pee . he find a W.C. by the side of street , but he cant read the word " LADIES" and " GENTLEMAN" , He waited for a moment ,but no body come in or out , but he had no time to wait ,so he selected one and came in . when he came out , he find all others on the street looked at him , he realised he made a mistake , what to do ? i cant lose the honour of chinese , suddenly an idea striked his head , he said " SA YOU NA LA " to others. all the people vituperate him " oh S H I T japanese "
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@asfi123 (955)
• India
21 Jan 07
Johnny missed his final exam due to the flu, but he'd done so well during the year that the teacher suggested to the principal that they give him an oral exam to make up for the test he'd missed.. The principal agreed so they called Johnny into the office, explained, then the teacher asked, "Johnny what does a cow have four of, that I only have two of?" Johnny replied, "Legs." The teacher asked, "Johnny, what do you have in your pants that I don't have in my pants?" Johnny replied, "Pockets." The teacher asked, "Johnny, what is the capital of Italy?" Johnny replied. "Rome." The teacher turned to the principal and asked, "Should we pass him?" The principal replied, "Better not ask me, I got the first two wrong"
@nuisance (85)
• Malaysia
21 Jan 07
Aunt Bessie loved to visit her nieces and nephews. However, she had relatives all over the country. The problem was that no matter how much she enjoyed seeing them, she hated flying. No matter how safe people told her it was, she was always worried that someone would have a bomb on the plane. She read books about how safe it was and listened to the stewardess demonstrate all the safety features. But she still worried herself silly every time a visit was coming up. Finally, the family decided that maybe if she saw the statistics she'd be convinced. So they sent her to a friend of the family who was an actuary. "Tell me," she said suspiciously, "what are the chances that someone will have a bomb on a plane?" The actuary looked through his tables and said, "A very small chance. Maybe one in five hundred thousand." She nodded, then thought for a moment. "So what are the odds of two people having a bomb on the same plane?" Again he went through his tables. "Extremely remote," he said. "About one in a billion." Aunt Bessie nodded and left his office. And from that day on, every time she flew, she took a bomb with her.
• United States
16 Jan 07
I know that sometimes I am not to swift but I don't get it.