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January 16, 2007 8:04am CST
I have a friend that seems to continually have boyfriends to help 'support' her lifestyle...when we met 8 years ago, she was married. Several years later, she wasn't (she cheated on hubby on purpose to get the divorce). After about a year after it was finalized, she just dated (and slept) around. She met a truck driver (OTR) and after six months, moved him in. When her kids (8 & 9 I think at the time) starting calling him 'Daddy' I suggested she was rushing things along and she said 'oh no, we're engaged'. After 2 broken engagements with him (in the meantime he asked how I was handling single life), she kicked him out and began dating guy #2 after 1 week (on V-day). Five weeks later, he moves in. Very intense and I truly didn't like him at all. He proposes on Christmas, but she doesn't accept until NYE (of '04). By the spring, it's 'postponed'. He starts talking about threesomes involving ME (ewww!) in late '05/early '06. He walked out in May of '06. Meanwhile, she's conversing with someone over the internet and on the phone in another state. She goes to meet him in late July...waited 24 hours to sleep with him. Moves him in in August and he proposes on Christmas '06. I don't know how some people do this, or why? With childen involved (she's got two, he's got a four year old), I would be that much more cautious about getting involved with any one! I think she's rushing in this relationship too quickly and I worry for her children (their marriage date is indefinite, because they're waiting for him to get his divorce finalized!). Is there such a thing as too soon? She just got over guy #1 towards the end of the relationship with guy #2.
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@avs189 (1030)
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16 Jan 07
Really complex matter and confussed discussion......i am not psychiatrist or doctor to analyze and respond ...but i would say she lacks stability either bcoz of lack of love or bcoz nobody cares for her....i mean ask ehrself give a piece of time and think herself why should she moving arnd marriaging evrybody...its due to satisfy herslef????or she wants love??or she likes comapny of men??? financially weak??
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16 Jan 07
I think guy #2 was because she was financially weak. I asked her once about this and she said that she's always had a boyfriend. I thought she was getting along just fine (between the ex and guy #1). I think that it goes back to her parents--they divorced and dad is remarried and living in Germany and they really don't speak. It's a huge complicated mess.