Prince needs to get over himself!

@bonbon50 (659)
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January 16, 2007 8:06am CST
Watching the Golden Globe awards last night I was shocked when a photographer was trying to capture a few frames of Prince in the building and Prince reacted by putting his hand up to the lens??? At such a high-class event, why would he treat the personel there like they were beat-street paparazzi? The Golden Globes is about putting on your best threads and being seen! With all of the accomplished talent you were surrounded by, you should have felt honored that they'd want to waste a few seconds shooting you.....I, for one, was shocked you were even extended an invitation as your meek contributions are hardly worthy the merit, let alone to see you acting like it was all about you and that you were tiring of it! You proved to be all a$$ and no class! Get OVER yourself already! Or do you expect people to really treat your 5' 2" untalented being like a REAL Prince? HA!
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25 Jan 07
Prince has a reputation for being extremely shy.
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17 Jan 07
Oh dear Bonbon, you are really upset, huh? I wish I would have watched, but award shows bore the tears out of me. I love the glammer and glitz, but all of the talking and the awards for "Best Director Behind The Scenes Waiting In The Green Room" and other nominations of people that I have never heard of are a real yawner for me. As for you, I hope that Prince was the only low part for you and you were abe to fully enjoy the rest of the show `Donna