i dont know what to decide...

January 16, 2007 9:42am CST
i started to take pills after i gave birth to my first baby. Well why i took this kind of medicine? even i am not sure what might gonna happen to my health, still i take the pills to prevent pregnancy. until now i am thinking is this really help my lifestyle? Having of 3 to 5 babies is really a hardship in life. well will you agree it depends on the lifestyle of both parents? for my lifestyle i took a pills because i dont know how to raise my family. i gave birth at earl age and then my husband was a fresh graduate. Everything is really expensive.. I never thought the side effects of it. Like dizziness most of the time, vomiting, and breats pain. I started to realized why am i the only one who had the contraceptive? since i could easily turn down the pills and change for withdrawal. so that my husband will also suffer on our night life... what do u think? am i correct?
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