Do you think that god will come back on earth?

@utanyto (413)
January 16, 2007 9:58am CST
When do you think that god will come back on the earth? Do you think that god will come back?
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@bogdanel (1208)
• Romania
16 Jan 07
God is everywhere.. in your mind, in your soul, and everywhere you look.. He made us .. he made everythink.. and all globe is his kingdom..:) We make him castles named Church:) M-au palit lacrimile:)))
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@Citra1881 (528)
• Indonesia
17 Jan 07
i think God will stay where He is, but Jesus will appear again to make the final "judgement" let's wait and see.. the day is near..
@stailgate (2363)
• United States
16 Jan 07
Yes I do believe that God will come back just as it says in the Bible. It says that he will come back and build HIS new kingdom in the new Jerouslum. (sorry about spelling.) I hope that I live to see it.
@whozefa (448)
• India
16 Jan 07
god is ther everywhere no wonder u cant find coz he can be in any form any whre within u , next to u, inur house, office anywhere, in which form he is in the world we can predict...
• India
16 Jan 07
God is there everywhere.In your heart and in my heart too.Just we need to have the positive attitude,respect and love for each other.We must know that we are going to die one day and so we must do the best things always to help the others.God is the creator and we are so small in front of him.We must know that if we can't create anything just we do not have right to destroy.