stay at home moms.

January 16, 2007 11:14am CST
First of all, I give all stay at home moms uber kudos, to me you are amazing. What I am writing about, is I am sick to death of those who seem to think stay at home moms do nothing but sit on the computer, eat bon bons, and nothing else. Right now I am a forced stay at home mom, until we find a full diagnosis for my son. And I do everything around here. I cook, I clean, I keep the kids clean, fed, bathed. I pay bills. I do shopping. I make sure my kids get to school and daycare. And this is doing nothing? Every stay at home mom out there deserves a huge pat on the back. Every single one of them , the men behind them should come home from work and appreciate them, not complain when one little thing is missed. I wish there were more stay at home dads out there, because then they would know what it is like.
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@jmcafam (2891)
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16 Jan 07
First I would like to say it sounds like you are doing a good job. I hope that everything turns out fine for your child.Secondly, I too think stay at home moms get a bad rap for not doing anything. The dads may work outside of the home but at least they get to clock out of work at the end of the day. Moms stay at home or not don't seem to have that luxury.