who should be the harrys love...............?

January 16, 2007 11:15am CST
Hmmm hermoine was harrys friend,she looks damm cute in movie y not author made her just a friend.......,and rons sister had some impression over harry...,finally whom u r going to prefer as harrys love.......................?
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• Philippines
17 Jan 07
hermoine, i love her.. for harry. i don't like her for ron...
• India
16 Jan 07
lolzzzz u guys jus watch the movies and speak if u jus watch the movie and dont read the book and then come and start some theories , then every one will laugh according to the book , hermionee wont be that beautifull and accordin the book cho chang harry's first crush is sooo pretty and accordin to the same book ginny weasley is the most beautifull gal in the entire school when harry sees ginny kissin dean somethin in his heart says , he has to KICK dean , after he passes the distance he jus dreams that he is kissin ginny [:D] that is pure crush and when ginny wins the quidditch cup and hugs harry , harry doesnt even thinks twice he jus kisses her for say an hour or day or a week :P there the demon in his heart stops shows harry loves ginny more than anything and ginny has been a weasley , ronald;s sister , someone who helped harry to the ministry of magic hermiooneee in the book is a bit diff , i personally hate both the mionees i mean the actuall character as well as emma watson she hides , going around with krum she wont lie if it is for others but if she wants somthin badly she will lie , like she bullied umbridge , like she walks out of trelawneys class that shows she is a selfish gal and does things when she wants i jus dont lik her much soo mionee lovers , dont rate my post as negative :D cos its jus my opinion i jus like ron weasly a lot thats y i hate mionee too much but in a way they are made for each other so please dont bring harry into it harry has only scene both as ffriends , and that is how he will see hermionee and ron will love and maybe in future they wil marry harry , if he lives after the voldy fight in the end , will go on and marry ginny that is the end
@amgupta (274)
• India
16 Jan 07
well my vote for hermoine..i think she is more closer to harry than anyone else and understand him and his life in a best possible way....she is intelligent, beautiful and one of the most accomplished witches..she is ideal for harry