American politics and the Global Warming

January 16, 2007 11:16am CST
Do American politics do anything at all about the Global warming? USA is the biggest consumer of energy resources in the world and the biggest producer of waste&pollution as well! USA has never joined Kyoto Protocol! Do contemporary politics in the USA do anything about it? The Global warming has already started a lot ago... Polar bears are about to be extinct as they canĀ“t hunt anymore... (not mentioning all the other effects of the GW...)
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@4ftfingers (1314)
16 Jan 07
I don;t know what they have done about it but i know that they blocked the release of a fact sheet produced by a panel of seven scientists at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. i guess the bush administration knows what's better for the american people than a few scientists.
17 Jan 07
Do you have proof that they were Democrat supporters. Im not gonna read that republican crap. i wouldnt read it if it was produced by the democrats for that matter, what a waste of time it would be, you'd be wrong if you were thinking i was a supporter of the democrats. Neither party concern me, what concerns me is the hypocracy. setting up democracies is the US government's favourite hobby at the moment, when it's clear that the US public arn't getting what they pay their taxes for. It's so bad that countries like France and Germany actually snub the US government, they think it's a joke. I just can't understand why you defend the Bush administration so much, when it's so obvious their interest is with corporations and not the people. What does Bush do for you personally to make you support him so much? Im just curious...
@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
17 Jan 07
I don't buy the whole corporation thing. I believe that is rhetoric that really has no base in reality. Bush is no more friendly to corporations than any other President, regardless of party. In case you didn't know, trickle down economy worked. The economy is great, not that anyone will bring it up. BTW, It isn't partisan, its about global warming. You could read it, but I guess its your choice not to. Until you do, don't criticize my sources.
• Brazil
17 Jan 07
To Mr.NiceGuy 0,6 celcius in 50 years is a considerable impact even if the number doesnt impress you. This is 0,6 in average over the planet. Somewhere there would be no change and in another place the change will be of 3 degrees, which is vry considerable when it comes to ice-melting for instance. For example, because of the climet heating up 3 degrees in the area of Patagonia one of the ice-lakes has got almost totally defrozen during past 3 years... Anyways, my question was not about Kyoto - if it works or not. My question was - what do American politics do in order to reduce the pollution? Or do you want to say that pollution doesnt exist and everything is alright???