Are prices of basic commodities/services rising beyond your income?

October 5, 2006 12:52am CST
For Indians it is happening. Things like petrol,food grains, sugar, clothes, house-rents, have risen a lot in recent years. Of course, the situation is not so bad as in some other Asian countries, where inflation is even more rampant.
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5 Oct 06
The older generation I feel are always hit the hardest, though in England a large number of people are on benefits citing their reasoning as moving from benefits into full time employment will give them ‘less’ money as you get many things paid for you whilst on benefits house bills wise, and that’d take up most minimum wage jobs when it ceases to be financed for you.
• India
5 Oct 06
In India, unemployment aid is unheard of.Though I feel such aid is wonderful in countries like US, UK, Australia, etc., i can imagine how awful it must be when the 'aid' period expires and you no longer receive the cheques from the government! Then, as lackingstyle said, it is pitiable that one has to go in search of whatever jobs are availble(usually the least paying and most demanding in terms of hard work).