One of my co-workers gets on my nerves!

@Marie2473 (8519)
January 16, 2007 1:21pm CST
There is this girl at work that I just can´t stand. She is so loud and when she is in a room you do not have the chance of saying a word. The thing is I know I am not the only one.. During our team-meetings she is the only one speaking. When she once was sick the team actually got a chanse to say their point on things and it was a great feeling. I am usually a very patiente person, but I am soon loosing it. It feels like I have tried everything. I have interrupted her, although my mom taught me not to=) I have told her that maybe someone else has something to say – but it is like they are all “scared” It feels as though she is the boss – and she really isn´t.. Anothre thing about her is that she dresses very “sexy”, Sexy is not bad but the way she dresses Is not very apporopriate for work, although we do not deal with customers in person, this is a big company and clients come to visit every once in a while., like right now.. it is minus degrees outside, but all she is wearing is a tight seethrough t-shirt and a short skirts and leather boots… I am usually not the kind of person that looses it – but I have had it!!!
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@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
17 Jan 07
Wow, this sounds like a really bad situation. What does the real boss say about it? Unfortunately, there isn't much that you can do to change some-one's personality. It might be worth a try to talk with her in private, but my guess is that she would not be very receptive to this and would probably be defensive and nasty; I've had encounters with people similar to this over the years, and they are impossible to deal with. You definitely don't want to stoop to her level and start trying to out-talk her and act as rude and inconsiderate as she is. That won't solve a thing either. Have you and your other co-workers considered requesting to meet with your boss about this situation? If you all organized and had legitimate concerns and presented the boss with very specific examples of her behaviour and how it negatively affects the work of the entire team, the boss may listen. This approach generally gets a more favorable response from the boss than simply complaining about someone- that is usually perceived as "whining". Good Luck with this one!
@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
18 Jan 07
yeah i have no intention of lowering myself to her level and I will probably end up just biting my tounge and hoping that she will find another job soon =)