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@achyuta (2853)
United States
January 16, 2007 1:52pm CST
It was the joke of this year so far for a cricket fanatic like me. It goes like this: 'The last World Cup was four years ago. Now it's 2007. I played in the 1987 World Cup, 1983 and 1979 also. Will you pick me?' Dilip Vengsarkar sends ripples of laughter when asked why Ashish Nehra wasn't included in the World Cup probables based on his exploits in the 2003 edition.! Do you have such cricket related jokes? Share them here.
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@kpisgod (994)
• India
17 Jan 07
At the start of the Indian innings(280 required for a win), Ganguly to Ramesh "I am not comfortable with Akhtar's pace. So I will attack Akram and u take care of Akhtar." After 4 overs(with hardly any runs on the board), Ramesh to Ganguly "These guys are bowling very fast. We will see them off and then attack Mahmood and Saqlain." After 13 overs(when Azhar Mahmood and Saqlain were bowling), Ganguly to Dravid "I don't think we can score off these guys as well. We will wait for Arshad Khan and Shahid Afridi. Surely we can easily attack them. After all, Shahid Afridi is a part-time bowler." After Afridi bowled some overs, Dravid to Robin Singh "Don't worry, Robin. I heard that England bowlers are easier to score off. We will play out 50 overs and attack in the next match." At the end of the match, Joshi to Mongia "Why didn't u try to force the pace?" Mongia to Joshi "No, yaar. If I try to force the pace against these bowlers, I will get out. There is only one way by which I can score runs fastly without getting out." Joshi to Mongia "What is it?" Mongia to Joshi " You have to bowl to me."
@arlerambabu (1080)
• India
17 Jan 07
Husband and wife were divorced.The judge asked their only child,"with who would you like to stay Kid?"."I don't want to stay with any one .".The child replied emphatically."Then?",the judge asked. The Boy replied,"Mamma and Papa beat me always.That's why I will stay with Indian cricket team"."But why Indian cricket team?", the judge asked.Pat came the reply from the boy, "It doesn't beat any body"