If you live in country where the salary is very low what you'll gonna do?

January 16, 2007 3:04pm CST
Well if you live in country where the salary is very low what you'll gonna do?
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@Lecaro (1105)
• Romania
16 Jan 07
I live in a country that has low salaries, i live in Romania! i will try to find a job at a multinational company! they pay very good!
@egisugiri (843)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 07
Running Small Business.
@Prowell (72)
• Australia
16 Jan 07
I used to live in a country where an average salary of an average employee was quite low. There are only two ways out of this situation - either you change the job and look for a more paid one, or you change the country, which was my case.
@eseomame (1146)
• United States
16 Jan 07
Move away... and infact, never return. That's the situation in my country right now, but I'm waiting to finish my schooling and take off. It's really sad and annoying. What about you? what would you do?
@korek222 (703)
• Poland
16 Jan 07
Looking on your nick i assume that you speak about a Russia or a former USRR country. Well i actually live in such a country - i'm from Poland. Salary there is very low comparing to the world standards. But well in former USRR countries it is even lower. Well the thing i'm planning to do is to get very good education ( studies , languages etc.) and after that try to find a proper well paid job and if this wont suceed i will leave my country and try to find good job fitting my needs on the richer part of the worlds - maybe West Europe or USA :)
@steerforth (1802)
• Italy
16 Jan 07
The more logical answer is go away from that town, but if you change you don't know what you'll find.