Would you rather be too HOT or too COLD?

United States
January 16, 2007 4:46pm CST
For myself, I have grown to become use to the cold and just never spend too much time thinking about my temperature when cold, however if I'm too hot, my body gets too fidgety and it can become annoying. So, what is your preference? And don't say cold because you can always put more clothes on.
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@gittabest (1949)
• Iceland
16 Jan 07
I live in Iceland so I think I'm used of being cold also. If I'm to hot , there's always water ;) Have a nice day
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@achaeir (47)
• Indonesia
20 Jan 07
Nothing is good if it is too cold and too cold. when it's too cold you might need to change your wet clothes, but if its too cold you might shiver. So adjust it as comfortable as you feel..
@gifana (4836)
• Portugal
20 Jan 07
I am originally from New England as you are. However, I now live in a more temperate (although rather chilly at times) zone. My preference is cooler rather than hotter. If I am cold I can always put on my clothing to keep me warm but if I am broiling in the heat I find that it is impossible to take off everything to keep cool--law don't allow it.