A noble profession

@ChuckGel (244)
January 16, 2007 5:50pm CST
Since my childhood, i really want to be a teacher that causes me to be here as of now in this university where i am studying to be a future educator in the near future. I still not understand why i am really wanting this kind of profession where in fact, i already have a stable job in MEPZ three years ago that somehow brought me into the other part of the world during my job training in Japan. I've been already been working there for almost seven years yet my childhood ambition still pushes me to pursue my studies. And that's why even i already reached this age of 28 as of now, i really have made the almost three years of studying the field. And so far, i now somewhat realize already what profession is this, why i love this and why i love to be in this... I love to become a teacher and teach the people all over the world their importance of existence here in this part of the universe where we are into.
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