Do you eat late at night ?

January 16, 2007 7:22pm CST
I must confess, like many other people I have this sin - sneak into the fridge late at night if I stay at home with not much to do. I know it's bad, but I just can't help it! What are your favourite night snacks?
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@Lawlrus (31)
• United States
5 Feb 07
I love eating late at night. Nothing feels better if you can't sleep then going in and getting a full stomach. Thing such as cold pizza, chips, lunch meat, anything frozen, or even anything that can be quickly heated up or made into a sandwich are favorites of mine. I love food. :P Thank God I have a fast metabolism, or else it would kill me.
• Brazil
5 Feb 07
Thanks a lot for your comment! Reading it made me hungry hehehe
• Niger
25 Mar 07
I always do as I surf the net at night and went to bed late.I always have my dinner late so some mornings I have some stomach pain.I know that it's something bad for my body but will work on it.I'm planning to retire and know that the day I'll be my own boss things will change.
@polachicago (19073)
• United States
5 Feb 07
If I am hungry at night, all I have is just juice or nuts. Sometimes just hot tea.
@dhigambaram (1133)
• India
22 Jan 07
yes ........ during my late ni8 studies i perfer 2oo eat something at ni8 coz its provide sum source of energy ....!!
@mari61960 (4895)
• United States
22 Jan 07
Oh yes, I am a night owl so I eat alot late at night. I don't even eat my first meal usually until 4pm or so. I soometimes make a small meal around 1am. I am usually on the computer so I eat it at my I love a snack of chicken nuggets with ranch dressing for dipping. I also a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk for a snack. It has to be creamy peanut butter and wheat or oatmeal bread. I don't really care for regular white bread. I eat fruit alot for late night snacks. I like most kinds. I also enjoy a nice salad for a snack.
@mzbubblie (3840)
• United States
17 Jan 07
Actually, I don't eat late at night. I have disciplined myself to eat before 8pm. Trust me it was an experience within itself. Only because I know I will gain weight snacking at night...I'm much older and my metabolism isn't what it use to be....