who will you choose, your HS gf or your current live in partner

@chumm525 (169)
January 16, 2007 7:24pm CST
i had know this guy who has a current live-in partner and he has a child w/ his partner they living in for 3yrs. their relationship passes all the hardship that came to it, until one day his HS gf got their communication being open again, old feelings came out again, they had a constant communication again, w/o then knowledge of his live-in partner they are sending emails, chatting, and calling one another until one day the girl open the computer and an email came accidentally she opened it, it was addressed for her partner and it was from his HS gf, it contained sweet nothings as if they are in a relationship, until one day problems came and cant be resolved already they decide to end their relationship even the girl wants to resolved it, this HS gf of his is the reason for ending the realtionship, if you are into this situation, who will you your HS gf w/ a child and didn't know if she is already annuled or your current live-in partner whom you has a son?
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