Has anybody ever tried Brazilian kitchen? Did you like it?

January 16, 2007 8:14pm CST
Does anybody try any Brazilian dishes?
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@Eisenherz (2911)
• Portugal
21 Jan 07
I like some brazilian cuisine. You are most famous for your meat dishes, such as picanha or churrasco and those I like. I also like some of your typical drinks, like caipirinha or água de coco, all good stuff :)
• Brazil
21 Jan 07
Thanks for your comment! Just a little detail (in order to clarify) churrasco - meat fried on a grill, the process of frying meat on a grill, in other words, "churrasco" = "barbeque" picanha - the sort of meat that comes from the back of the cow... this meat is mostly used when doing churrasco, as well as , for example "alcatra" - the meat from leg of a cow when doing churrasco brazilians also use porc sausages - linguça
@CanemX (66)
• Brazil
22 Feb 07
I like feijoada a lot, even though I just prefer to eat black beans and linguiça, and leave the dry meat apart.
@lihuajing (2055)
• China
18 Jan 07