Electric Current And Ohm's Law.

January 16, 2007 9:32pm CST
Going by the too many definition of "Electricity", wherein i came out or accepted that Electricity should be rightly defined as the flow of substance/ electron in a conductor, based on it's potential difference or the push of electrons from the high point to the low point. I therefore extracted that, "Electric Current", is the uniform movement of electric charge. When one (1) coulomb of electrically charged particles in motion passes a point in one (1) seconds, while the existing current become one ampere. Ohm's Law: What is ohm? this word Ohm, is one of the name of a grate scientist, known as "George Simon Ohm" whose name was universally accepted to be named after a measure or unit, for "RESISTANCE" based on his findings: In his findings, he stated that, Resistance is a ratio or an intermediary between voltage and curremt. Thus, voltage between any two points of a conductor, changes directly as the current between the two points. His equation: R= V/I=ohm's
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