Do You Recycle?

Recycling - This box is full of things to recycle and it
helps our world stay a nicer and better place to live.
@devideddi (1436)
United States
January 16, 2007 9:46pm CST
I used to alot when I had that tub thing I could set to the road and they would pick it up. I am ashamed to say I don't do it much now that I live in no-where's-ville.
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@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
It is really necessary here in our country that we recyle and segregate it to 4 color. Every color of the trash bag signifies biodegradable, nonbiodegradable, plastic and bottle in that way we can help minimize tons of garbage produce by my community. We sell the plastic and bottle to junk shop and mom deals with the other 2 garbage.
@Bee1955 (3886)
• United States
19 Feb 07
If you have clutter and/or items around your house you dont want to be bothered with selling or taking to the dump - then Freecycle is for you at for a Freecycle group in your area. Freecycle is international. Recycle items to avoid overfilling the garbage dumps and make space in your home. One man's trash is another man;s treasure" truely applies here. I have given away so many things that I almost trashed that someone wanted and even came and carted it away. You can put in requests, too, and from there I received a free handicapped electric lift recliner worth over $400.00 someone didnt need anymore! The only requirement is that you cant give away forbidden items like explosives and such and everything must be FREE, you cant barter, exchange or sell. Try it yourself!
• United States
20 Jan 07
I live in no-where's ville too. Maybe we are remote neighbors. :) No, I don't recyle, as we don't have to. I just sent the garbage in the large pail down yonder on the main road.
@seewhy (231)
• Australia
17 Jan 07
Yes I recycle. It's easy to do here though as the council gives us special wheelie bins to put your recyclables in and they pick it up every second week.
@brokentia (10396)
• United States
17 Jan 07
I live in pudunk too. We don't have those recycling bin that one can place beside the road to have the recycleables picked up. But I do still try to recycle. We crushed our sodda cans and have them recycled. There is a dumpster in the library parking lot that we can put magazine and newspapers in to be recycled. And any clothes that are still good, instead of throwing them away, we put them in the dumpster like bins for the Salvation Army that sits at the end of the WalMart parking lot. :) So, we do what we can given our local.
• United States
17 Jan 07
When my husband and I first got married we always recycled. It was easy because they city provided a tub and we just threw it all in. Now we live in an apartment and there are 5 small trashcans outside for recycling. This means seperating things out and figuring out what items go in what can. I've looked in those cans and no one is sorting things. I don't even bother.