who is awaiting harry potter 7 book and harry potter 5 movie..

January 16, 2007 11:15pm CST
am in a great urge towards it as the most thrilling experience i witnesse watching those movies and reading those books..
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@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
1 Feb 07
Yes I am expecting, more the last book than the movie (after all I already read the book, and so I know what will happen). But the last book, that will be something big. I hope that it keeps the tradition (every book is better than the book before) and we can have a few surprises, and a good time (even if it is a sad one, with some deaths).
• India
30 Jan 07
Me tooo
@Magbaad (50)
• Brazil
18 Jan 07
Looking forward to it! I'm really curious to see how the next film will be, but what I want the most is read the book. The film I like to watch just when I see that is already calm out there, lol. But the book, I want to read it as soon as it gets released. I think we can await something good for this next movie, though I always happen to criticize them, after all, they're good adaptations. And for the HP5, which adapts one of the best books of the series, I think it will be really mature and enjoyable. Let's hope so, lol.
• Canada
17 Jan 07
Me Me Me! What I do everytime a new movie comes out, I usually see it in the theatre, then buy the movie on tape or disk, then see all of them in a row. I do the same thing when a new book comes out, I re-read the entire series.
• Colombia
17 Jan 07
yeah, Harry Potter has goods movies and a good books too, so that will be great to read the next book and see the movie