does racism affect you or where you live? has america really changed?

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January 17, 2007 12:07am CST
i was just wondering i dont really deal with racism where im from but i know around us there are some racist cities.. how does it affect your life and is it still relevant in todays society or has it improved?
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17 Jan 07
In smaller towns it is kinda funny, you either find those really racist towns, or you find towns that just act like they have never seen people of another race and are more interested by them than disgusted by them. Personally, I grew up in a highly populated area of different races. Growing up my parents had best friends that were an inter-racial couple. I grew up with their kids, who were, by all looks, black. I never thought anything about it. When we moved to the small town we live in now, the often came to visit. This struck some bad notes with the neighbors... we had lots of phone calls in the middle of the night about getting the n*ggers out of our house... and we even had one girl call up with the nerve to say that her father told her she could not hang out with us anymore because we let those people into our house. I have never understood it, and never will. My babysitter growing up was a black man, and to this day we are still very close. Also, living in a town with such a high Arabic population, you see a lot of discrimination. It makes me sick. Especially after 9/11. yes, I know that it struck a lot of us very hard, but that does not mean that every Arab is a terrorist, nor do they deserve to be treated any differently. I always try to make it a point to go out of my way to make sure that I can help them in any way possible. All races. Because who knows, maybe someday soon the white people will be come the minority!
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