People, I will answer here to your questions !

@yorgaki (678)
January 17, 2007 1:06am CST
I will try hard to do that, no matter what do you ask me. Wish me good luck !
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• Canada
30 Jan 07
Well, aren't you sweet? There's not many people that will try hard to help other people out.. we're always too busy trying to get answers to our own questions. I commend you. Have fun, and I hope you end up making someone's day every day.
@ukchriss (2103)
30 Jan 07
I notice you didnt answer the questions which people asked you? Why say you will when you didnt?
• Indonesia
21 Jan 07
based on today's rate, how much U.S $ is 9800 peso + 400000 rupiah + 300 ringgit + 90 euro + 312 rupee ? *lol* just testing wether you're serious with your topics or not =)
@rsp9098 (755)
• India
21 Jan 07
what do u do?studing?tell abt something that u hate the most!and y!