Just read here : how to better post in MyLot

@yorgaki (678)
January 17, 2007 1:08am CST
You must chose the discussions that have somewhere between 5 and 30 answers already because it is easy to read the other answers and to answer in a fast and decent way. What do you think about my method ?
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@123456_ (1053)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
if that works for you. well good. i have this strategy to answer the discussions as many as i could. from which these discussions must be on my interest or i can somehow relate with it. that's my strategy. ive got nothing against your strategy. in fact i would also try that one later haha. but really im comfortable with what I do. But if it would increase my earnings i'd take your advise. that is a great idea honestly. i appreciate you for posting such discussions. keep it up pal!
@yorgaki (678)
• Romania
17 Jan 07
It IS a great idea because you can see the entire image of what was discussed until you post in that topic. You dont risk that the starter of the discussion to give you a - just because your answer is the same as with another member !! Man, I already told you I have very nice ideas, now you believe that ?? LOL