What is your favourite gaming genre and which game do you like, the most?

January 17, 2007 2:58am CST
What is the gaming genre that you would always prefer over others. What is your favourite all-time game, which you would always want to play over again and again?
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@ieiuio11 (10)
• China
6 Jun 07
i love mmorpg my favorite game is muonline because 1 - he is p2p and free but i'm p2p 2 - so many friends play 3 - and i love rpg 4 - and is online =) because this i love mmorpg and the most of all i love muonline de thee best rpg online game
@marku23 (75)
• Philippines
13 Feb 07
by the way, i love first-person shooters (FPS) too like Counterstrike, even if there is no storyline...just point, shoot and kill your opponents, this game is very much addicting and fun.
@victor234 (506)
• Brazil
13 Feb 07
my favorite game is Dota Allstars I dont know if you played but is the best game that I have been played. Dota Allstars is a game of Warcraft 3 TFT that you have your team and you have to destroy the base of the opponent team. You kill creeps level up, buy items to be stronger, and kill the other heros. You choose A hero that has 4 special skills and try kill the enemies and invade the base of team 2! Try play this game, you will like it!
@marku23 (75)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
RPGs since they have so much reply value and is worth your money since you'll be playing them for a damn long time.
@Serjas (2328)
• India
26 Jan 07
go for hitman-bloodmoney!i like it very much and i am a die hard fan of hitman i play all 4 hitman gmaes all are really beautiful!i like the game because 1- the charecter codename 47 2- the way a mission got completed 3- the silent ratings 4- the style of 47 especially his walking 5- the base story and the stories of all 3 hitman(i dont play himan bloodmoney, because i dont get one. i tried,but i cant get that one) 6- the soundesign and level design 7- the music of hitman2 and hitman bloodmoney very very much.Jesper kyd(composer) had done a great and outstanding job) 8- the graphics 9- movies may be no too long but its superb also trailers 10-ending cinematic of hitman-he choose hitman life and leave friend father's chain! i wonder why this game dont made to a film?
• United States
22 Jan 07
I like strategy and shooter games