Which part do u like the most?????

January 17, 2007 5:00am CST
Hey guys.... its obvious that whoever has watched MILLION DOLLAR BABY... has got inspired by it in one or two ways... i'd like to know how did this movie changed your behaviour.....
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• India
19 Jan 07
This story has delivered a message that ,there is an end for everyone.I like this movie ,because of its reality and there is no friction.
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@SallyAnna (143)
• United States
17 Oct 09
Hi Er_jaswant, I liked the movie it hasn't changed my behaviour in any way. except maybe to "always protect myself"
@lihongyi (124)
• China
23 Jan 09
I like the ending of this movie most,though it is tragical,but it is meaningful.And I am touched with the relationship between Franklin and Maggie,Franklin lost her daughter,and he just treat Maggie like his own daughter.
• Peru
28 Aug 08
I was sapping a couple of days ago and saw the movie again. My mom entered her bedroom (I have no TV in my bedroom so I go to hers)and said 'are you watching that movie .. AGAIN?!' I know it's not a typical Hollywood movie, I guess it's because watching a woman boxing is not glamorous at all. But, as some people have mentioned, there's much more to MDB than meets the eyes. You learn about people who are poor, but are so determined to strive that they save every penny in order to buy a punching bag because the one they are using is not theirs, and they DO CARE because when she gave it back to Frankie, she said that cared not to use it too much, so no matter how driven she was as a boxer she still cared about other people's belongings. Clearly, something that people nowadays have forgotten. Of course, the ending was very motivational, too, but the part I mentioned above was missed by many people.. I guess. Thank you.
• India
15 Apr 07
its a movie about aspirations,about hope,about victory after defeat and victory in defeat at the the end...the movie ends in sad note but the note strikes hard...
@clintz15 (977)
• India
10 Mar 07
The movie definitely delivers a host of messages. If you try hard, anything is possible in this world. There will always be people who desert you when they don't need your help anymore. Sometimes people who are not your blood relation will be more valuable. It is hard to see your loved one suffering, so it is better to end their suffering in a manner which is most suitable. Watch Million Dollar Baby if you haven't yet watched it. http://imdb.com/title/tt0405159/