Cat Food you would swear by or recommend ?

@koedoe (100)
South Africa
January 17, 2007 5:40am CST
What is the best cat food in your opinion? I've read that the only way any pet are are "well balanced" is if they don't fall of the shelve. You should add all sorts of food to their diet, liver,portage,vegetables,fruit,tripe etc. ? Do any of you do this ? or what cat food is your cat's favorite
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• United States
3 Feb 07
Hi there...most of the commercial brands of cat foods contain fillers and byproducts so they are not the best food for pet animals. The first ingredient listed on these popular cat food brands is corn or corn meal and these are used as fillers which binds the dry foods together for longer shelf preservation as well as to lower the cost of manufacturing for the consumer. Cats are obligate carnivores and should have diets which are devoid of these ingredients. These have been found to be one of the leading contributing factors for feline obesity as cats can never be satiated on them so they have to eat much more than if they eat foods which are high in protein only. Cats also should steer clear of fish food products as they cause vitamin B1 and E deficiencies and over time leach the much needed taurine cats require. Tuna for example is the leading cause of feline enteritis and many people are unaware of this silent toxin that is fed to their cats over time. You can read more about the dangers of tuna that I wrote in an answer at this link:;_ylt=ApQl0TksA2nc0kXEZaiuXRkjzKIX?qid=20070111170528AAiAKat Furthermore, most human foods can also be bad for cats and cause other feline health-related disorders that wreak havoc with a cats causing metabolic disorders. You can learn more about which foods are toxic from this sample list: and why table scraps are bad for cats: I feed my cats raw and prepared foods that are devoid of corn and byproducts such as Innova EVO, Nature's Variety Prairie Raw, etc. One of my cats needs to eat a raw diet because he is a hybrid cat (half domestic and half Asian Leopard Cat) so his digestive system doesn't fair too well with dry foods in general as it causes severe bowel distresses. If you are very interested you can learn a lot about feline nutrition from the following easy-to-read website which gives great insight about cat food products sold: Sources: 27 year friendship w/a veterinarian Exotic and domestic feline nutrition studies
• United States
31 Jan 07
I like the royal caine and maxi. They have no dyes or by products. A few others are good, but 80% are not, and are sold by their name only. I always read the ing. and make sure it is quality. Meat first.