Quarter Mile and Street Projects!

January 17, 2007 6:03am CST
Hey everyone!! Was just wondering if anyone here has a project in the making or possibly has already completed their dream car!! I am an enthousiast to say the least of the quartermile track and building cars that blow peoples minds heh... My latest project is a 95 Lamborghini kit car that i have built from a fiero frame that was widened and stretched to the proper dimensions for the countach body. It still has the fiero engine in it but i will soon be upgrading to the 350 corvette v8 carborated engine (want to get as far away from computer based engines as possible). My goal is to hit 700 engine horse power to 550 ft pounds of torque. Bout three quarters done the car now and hope to be done in the next year and a half. As for my best quarter mile time so far was 10.8 in a modified SVT cobra. Look forward to hearing of other race enthousiasts rides on here CheerS!!
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