do you dream ????

January 17, 2007 8:24am CST
hello friends , I am a good dreamer and i dream almost every day , sometimes i dream about I getting super rich and sometimes falling from mt.everest ................ So I just wanted to know what do others dream , I feel you too dream and plz tell me what do you dream !
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@farukh445 (206)
• India
20 Jan 07
Everyone dreams!! It is natural. Everyone dreams about 15 to 20 dreams a day but hardly remembers 1 or 2. Mostly morning dreams we can remember. I get different kind of dreams.
@Thiru178 (460)
• Sri Lanka
17 Jan 07
I also have dreams every day. But most of them I forget. But the dream I never forget is.... I am running from a danger and accelarating my run. Then sudenly I was tumbled by a horizontal stick and rolled and rolled in the air until I had a breathing strugle and wakeup with sweating. Anyone know the meaning of this dream please inform me. I like to know it.