when was the last time you said i love you to your parents?

parents - it is important to show our parents that we care for them. as early as now, we should say how much we love them and not wait until it's too late. although actions speaks louder than words, saying out loud what we really feel can also help in keeping the relationship between parent and child stronger.
@nyka08 (411)
January 17, 2007 9:37am CST
i have difficulty expressing how i feel for my parents. although i don't usually say that i care about them, i try to make them feel that i do. i try to do the best i can to make them happy and proud of me. i am embarassed to say, but i think the last time i said i love you to my parents was when i was in college. i think it was when i had a retreat.
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• Philippines
28 May 07
I don't wana have regrets in the future so whenevr im given the chance,I always say "i love you" to them. But the sad thing is,I can't say it personally,I just express my feelings thru letters and sms. :)
• India
18 Jan 07
i said once a week to them
• India
18 Jan 07
i think i say it everyday to them so today itself
@gexi1987 (329)
• China
17 Jan 07
i have never done that before.it's a little wired for me.but of course i love them deeply in heart.why have to express that?true love is not always needed to say.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
17 Jan 07
I dont say it to them ever..because I dont love them so why bother playing games ya know...its a mutual feeling though
• India
17 Jan 07
i dont remember when was the last time i said this, but i love them a lot, I can do anything for them.