Ever had an imaginary friend?

January 17, 2007 9:57am CST
During childhood, some children says that they have a friend that only they can see. I never had that experience. How about you?
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@babyhar (1339)
• Canada
3 Feb 07
Yes, when I was younger I did indeed have an imaginary friend. It was back when I lived in Saskatchewan where I found I had created this imaginary friend. I remember always telling the people within my house after dinner how I had to go with my imaginary friend for a walk. And I'd literally skip around the place I had lived in at the time.. Pretending that she was right beside me doing the exact same things that I had. I remember being very persistent as well that my imaginary friend should be included in things. I remember when my mom used to have to drive somewhere & she'd take me with her.. That if I got in & out of the car safely, so would my imaginary friend have to do the same thing. It got to the point where the people around me would pretend that they we're talking to her sometimes. It used to make me giggle uncontrollably when the people around me would do this. Because I knew that only I could see her. I think the reason I had an imaginary friend back then was because.. I had no one around to physically play with back then. And I had felt like the 'imaginary friend' I had at the time would actually communicate with me in return. Eventually I ended up growing out of the whole believing that I had an imaginary friend. But back then pretending that I had an imaginary friend I found to be very comforting. Because back then I didn't have a lot of kids to play with.. And I feel this gave me a sense of comfort by having an imaginary friend there for a while. I honestly do think its normal for kids to have an imaginary friend to.. I just thought I'd throw that in there. The reason I bring this up is because I know a lot of parents get scared when they see there kids pretending they have an imaginary friend these days.. But I think there is nothing wrong with it unless the person gets much older & still pretends that they have an imaginary friend. But I remember how I'd play with my imaginary friend on my own. And how some of the time I'd even go as far as to set up make-believe picnics with her in my room. My Grandma used to say that when I was over I would go down to her basement.. And sit there happily for hours talking away to her like she was almost real. I miss those days. In conclusion, I couldn't picture my childhood without having an imaginary friend. I know that if I didn't end up having one it just wouldn't have been the same for me. I feel I made up this imaginary friend because when I was younger having to deal with your parents fighting all the time.. Helped to take me away from that for a while.. I'm glad I had made up an imaginary friend as it helped me to escape reality for a bit. I am glad as well that I had such an amazing imagination to be able to come up with one back then.. haha. Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
@shambuca (2560)
• United States
17 Jan 07
I never did - but a friend of mine did she said he was a white gorilla named Congi and they did everything together.
@Magnum13 (47)
• Pakistan
17 Jan 07
Da only imaginery friend tht i have which moniter me alwayz is my consciene ...it keeps me away from sins and all...bdw its off topic but i also never have Xperienced it myself but heard about it many times..
• Italy
17 Jan 07
Neither i had an imaginary invisibile friend ! To me it seems a bit crazy ! Maybe i am wrong, but why would you need an invisible friend if you can make real friends :) ?