shouldnt gay icons come clean at last?

January 17, 2007 10:07am CST
I'm sick and tired of the rumor mill grinding out stories about the sexuality of various 'celebs'. National treasures like Cliff Richard and Jasper Carrot. Should these people just make a statement to the press and remove any stigma or gossip factor (like the highly talented Ian 'H' Watkins-formerly of steps). Or should they just do it in their own time when they have come to terms with it unafraid of any negative backlash of public opinion? (George Michael, Michael Barrymore) Is it their choice to conceal their sexuality or do the fans have a right to know?
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@mwray123 (12)
1 Feb 08
Yes its all about gossip mongers they are human beigns so let cliff and the rest get on with it a bit of what you fancy does you good so they say maybe we should all try it ha, ha, anyway it makes the world go around dont you think I take it with a pinch of salt me what will be will be.
23 Dec 07
No the fans have no right to know.. It really is none of our business... Happy holidays to you...