Any special feeling of the WHITE for the COLORED RACES?

January 17, 2007 12:19pm CST
Hey white people all over the world ,I think you are aware of the History of the world when your ancestors ruled almost the whole world inhabited by colored races . The Indian subcontinent , the African countries still celebrate their independence from the British rule , apartheid and other form of dependence . The world remembers the genocide of the Jews by Hitler . The aborigins of Australia still struggles for autonomy from the European origins .The history is endless . Do the white people remember these pieces of history ? How do you feel about it ? Have you got any special feeling - positive or negative - for these colored races ?
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• United States
1 Feb 07
I think that most white people today probably feel shame when they are asked questions like this. I also think it's wrong to accuse the white people of today of the actions of their ancestors. And most people belonging to the "colored races" as you so eloquently put it, would be upset about being called the "colored races". Just because white people of certain cultures and time periods subjugated the people of the lands that they conquered (which has been occuring since there were enough people to be jealous of what others had)doesn't mean that all white people think it was a good idea.
@shooie (4986)
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22 Jan 07
Yes I remember the history and us white people as you put it are not all the same just like all people from india are not the same.