Lupe's Debut

United States
January 17, 2007 12:30pm CST
How many people thinks Food & Liguor deserved 5mics? I think the album was the best of 2006, it was real unique, the beats were nice and his flow and material subject is juss so original. FNF Up!
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22 Apr 07
Yea, i agree, lupe doesnt have to rap about the same old crap that rappers these days talk about. He has an awesome selection of lyrics, and pharrell hooked him up with some nice beats! So yea, the album shud be the best of '06
• United States
28 Oct 07
ya i agree lupe is my fav mc out rite now and prob will always b my favorite mc because the way he says things that make you think for a couple minutes to get what he is saying. Thats something most mcs dont have now a days
28 Jun 08
I completely agree... lupe is an amazing rappa from the CHI (westside)... but his beats were raw and his lyrics and wordplay were supa hot. FNF UP!!
• United States
9 Apr 08
this is one of the greatest albulms of all time. this and the cool and the story of michael young is insaneeeeeeeee. love how he ties teh story in and the characters. lupe is definately the greatest rapper alive.
• United States
2 Dec 07
His album should have won all 3 grammys that he was up for but they went to artists who werent really as quality as he was. T.I. and Luda put out two of the best albums but I think with "Real", "The Cool", and "Pressure" his debut should have been the best of 06.