indian films

@mariner68 (1278)
January 17, 2007 1:13pm CST
why is that indian films have song sequences, comedy tracks, sentimental scenes and all that stuff? especially the song sequences, where so many people dance and many of the sequences are being shot abroad? cant the indian film makers make quality films like the english films without all the unnecessary elements?
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@SplitZip (1490)
• Portugal
17 Jan 07
As Jon Stewart once said, the musical genre was at one point the most popular in american cinema! Think about it and quit bickering and snickering ;) "Gotta dance!" *tap-tap-tap-tap tap-tap-tap*
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@Idlewild (6094)
• United States
19 Jan 07
True, musicals used to be very popular in the U.S. And aren't there a lot of Indian films that AREN'T musicals? It seems that the Bollywood musicals get all the attention, just like in the U.S. the big-budget movies are well known, but some of them are terrible movies.
• India
19 Jan 07
I agree with you that why Indian films is a mixture of singing and dancing with a lot of people at beach, streets, roof top, etc. And also there are scenes that a character of hero does not effected even after being beatn by steel rod. lolz. Some of the pictures are very nice and they have some messages to convey to the public but still those movies also contains songs, dancing etc. May be they follow their traditions or the public is now addicted with all this mixture of a film and now if a producer produces such films then pulic wont give positive attention. one more reason is that, in songs they show some part of body of a female character that attracts youngsters and the whole public for which public demand increases. I think this way.
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
19 Jan 07
Well, maybe they think that is what life is all about and they think if they do that, then it will bring joy to some people that enjoy watching them.