How ridiculous are womens clothes sizes !!

@patootie (3593)
January 17, 2007 2:43pm CST
I recently ordered six pairs of cheap trousers .. and three lots of cheap bras from a cheap online fashion group ... they arrived this morning .. I've tried them on and this is the result .... Trousers .... 1st pair ... 2 sizes larger than the bag stated ... and 1" longer than they should have been ... also charged at the wrong price ! 2nd pair ... 1 size too large ... 2" longer .. RIGHT price ... 3rd pair ... RIGHT size ... RIGHT length .. wrong price 4th pair ... 1 size too large ... 2" longer ... wrong price 5th pair ... RIGHT size ... 1" too short .. RIGHT price 6th pair ... 1 size too large ... RIGHT length ... RIGHT price So out of the 6 pairs ... 2 were the right size ... 2 were the right length .. 3 were the right price .. and NONE .. were exactly right ... 2 pairs kept .. 4 being reordered !! Bras ... Bearing in mind I ordered 3 different cup sizes .. and 3 different chest sizes these were the results ... They ALL fit perfectly so I've kept 2 lots (the cheapest) .. and will send back the other set .... I've measured the bras ... the chest measurements are all IDENTICAL .. and with a bit of fiddling I've matched the cups against each other ... and they are all absolutely IDENTICAL in depth width etc etc Is it any wonder we send back so many items ... when will the manufacturers and fashion outlets finally realise they are a laughing stock and give us actual garment measurements .. rather than these stupid sizes 12 14 16 ?? It's almost unbelievable but as a dedicated home shopper whenever I check the size charts on the various web sites they are DIFFERENT ... how on earth can a size 12 on one site be a DIFFERENT size to a size 12 on another web site ... they are probably all flamin' well made by the same manufacturers so buying by size is simply a lucky dip ... In my wardrobe I have 6 t-shirts ... they are ALL different sizes ... yet they ALL measure IDENTICALLY across the chest ... Sigh .. why don't men have these problems ... it's because their clothes are measured in inches (or cms) .. so for the last 20 years .. AT LEAST .. everytime I order clothes or send them back I have pleaded for 'real' measurements to be given instead of 'sizes' .. every woman knows her 'real' measurements .... if they gave sizes in actual bust/waist/hip widths we would know EXACTLY what size to order to get a tight fit, standard fit or relaxed fit ... with a '12' sizing you have no idea how the manufacturer has designed it to fit - tight, standard, loose ?? - who knows ... So come on ladies back me up ... start asking for 'real' sizes when you buy clothes ... and it's beginning to work ... a handful of web sites now give 'real' sizes instead of these ridiculous 12 14 16 sizes
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18 Jan 07
Oh my stars this is so true. You know, I do not know why women bother saying anymore, "oh, I'm in a size 4" when one size 4 might be someone else's size 12. I personally do not order clothes online, except tops sometimes, because I can never get the right size and I do not feel like paying for shipping and waiting, etc. I like to go to the mall and try to find my clothes and only go to the stores I know might have something I will wear, which is usually the Express stores. I am sooooo picky, anyway, and have to try on about 50 jeans before I find a pair I like, and then in a few weeks I think they make my butt look big. Go figure...
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@lafavorito (2966)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
flared jeans - a similar picture of a flared jeans I bought for half the price last week
That's the risk that comes with ordering clothes online, I would rather rub elbows with bargain hunters and wait on the line for the fitting room than other something online. I do hope you could give them back for a refund though.
@bkwiatv1 (605)
• United States
17 Jan 07
that is wild they need to chill out with that stuff.
@srhelmer (6947)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
17 Jan 07
I always found it amazing that women would have a size 12 and a size 14 but not a 13. Glad I'm a guy.