my story

January 17, 2007 4:16pm CST
2 week ago I was in bali the town that never sleeps, and i got no sleep. I drank 20-30 some red bulls and other assorted caffeineated drinks including jolt, and the free coffee the hotel was providing when they'd let me get my hands on a cup of it. So getting on with my story.After 50-60 hours of being awake I started hallucinating.thats when Bali became interesting. hehe everyone was my friend and i totally was tripping out at the strip.I ran into an authority figure though and started up a conversation with him. His reply was to ask me how much speed I had done that night AHHAHA, my eyes were diallated and I probly was acting like I was on speed, so the end of my story was he forced me back to my hotel room and I had to get some sleep.Definatly a scarey thing to happen, but never the less I know more about caffeine and my body after it all
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