Company Demographics..Would you spill it out thru phonecalls easily?

@guia10 (139)
January 17, 2007 7:09pm CST
Have you ever received a call saying theyr just going to update the basic demographic info abt your company fr the prev yr?That's Harte Hanks.I worked there for a few mons and it wasn't a tough job.I get to talk to switchboard operators,secretaries and sometimes even to CEO's.We update the upper mngt positions in our database.The question is,what do we do w/ this info?We say,for research purposes-to analyze the industry and then forecast future technology trends.Convinced?Actually,I think you'll get it when I say that after that call-you'll recv other calls looking for your bosses.If you were a switchboard operator,would you be asking me a lot of questions first before you give me he info?or will you just spoonfeed it to me?I don't work there anymore,but it was fun getting to talk to diff people in diff countries.How about you,would you enjoy doing that?
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