Do you Believe in PayBack?

United States
January 17, 2007 7:36pm CST
When you are successful in you own way, what will you do to the people who makes your life hard, bad treatment, abuse you and make you misserable through many years from your childhood. The Pain and Agony they cause you through years. The terrible nightmares and hurtful words they said about you and your family. Before when I was young I swear to myself that I will let them see who they are treating bad. I will strive hard to show them that they are wrong about me, about my family. When your moment comes what kind of payback you seek? Coz, after all the years, I went back to these people and wanted to stick to their face the success I've made out in my life. Yes, I did it. But I did it in another way, when I saw that the lives of this people who causes me so much pains and agony in the past, I show them compassion and lend my hand to help. I show them care and affection. They are surprise of what I did, and one by one in there own ways ask forgiveness with tears and being humbly say their sorry, that they regret the way they treated me before. And about all the things they shown to me and my family when I was a child. I did that because I saw already that Life did the Payback for me. What do you think? Am I so soft?
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