Is there any reason to love???

January 17, 2007 8:03pm CST
In my opinion,u cant choose to love anyone.Love comes to u and captures the heart!u have no control over the emotion of love.No one has the power to control when loves find u,,you vl b taken by surprise.Reasons can b the way one makes you feel special,cares abt u,,many in the world can do it,but there is a spark that lightens up b/w two people,that can emerge out as love.So its basically ur being,the heart nd the soul that gets connected in the way that u love sm1 n would want to cherish everything abt them!!! wat do u guys say??
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• India
8 Feb 07
reason behind love is feelings u said ritly ! also u said rit tht none of us has the power rule the love but still we hv power to ruin the love ! reason for love becomes more if somebody try to ruin it. so ruining maybe kind of reason to b love !
• India
30 Jan 07
Dere is no reason to Love... If you have reason to love than its not love, its attraction only...
• India
23 Jan 07
i think there is no reason behind it.Love makes one go mad,despite the fact v r damn rational.I think its love which has its own way,own mechanism to run us rather than v decide wat to do.your heart will b compelled to do which u can nt even think of dng in ur normal life....